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Physical Therapy

Meghan Notartomaso, DPT -  - Health and Wellness Specialist

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Meghan Notartomaso, DPT

Health and Wellness Specialist & Rehabilitation located in Castle Rock, CO

Meghan Notartomaso, DPT, offers comprehensive care plans to help you find relief from chronic pain or limited mobility. At Fix It Therapies LLC in Castle Rock, Colorado, Dr. Notartomaso provides a variety of services that combine traditional physical therapy with alternative therapies, like cupping and dry needling, to optimize your results. She also offers in-office functional movement assessments to give you insight into negative patterns that increase your risk of injury. To learn more about how physical therapy services can treat pain and enhance your health, schedule a consultation at Fix It Therapies LLC online or by phone today.

Physical Therapy

What Physical Therapy services are available?

Physical Therapy is an effective way to enhance your body’s ability to recover following a Personal Injury or Sports Injury.

As a skilled Physical Therapy provider, Dr. Notartomaso offers a variety of services to promote overall health and wellness. She can provide high-quality care using manual physical and rehabilitative services including:

  • Therapeutic dry needling
  • Therapeutic taping
  • Therapeutic cupping
  • Joint mobilizations
  • Muscle Energy Techniques

Based on your age, conditioning, existing health, and treatment goals, Dr. Notartomaso creates a customized treatment plan that focuses on helping you fully recover from an injury and restore a higher quality of life.

What is Therapeutic Dry Needling?

Therapeutic Dry Needling is a minimally invasive therapeutic treatment that involves inserting thin micro-needles into areas of the body where muscles, ligaments, and connective tissues are restrictive, knotted, or short in length. These tense areas, often known as “trigger points”, can be the root source of acute or chronic pain.

By applying a dry needle into the trigger point, Dr. Notartomaso helps to relax the tight tissue fibers, reducing pain, improving mobility, as well as stimulating the body to increase blood flow to the region for an improved healing response. As the muscle lengthens, you can experience a significant reduction in pain and improvement in function.

How does therapeutic cupping work?

Therapeutic cupping is an alternative therapy that stimulates improved blood circulation in the treatment area. Dr. Notartomaso performs the noninvasive procedure in a comfortable office environment.

During your session, Dr. Notartomaso places a cup on your skin, then uses a vacuum pump to create a suction. This suction draws your tissues upward into the cup, this procedure is often used in various applications to reduce the tension of superficial areas, improve blood circulation to the affected tissues, or improve joint mobility when used in concert with active movement by the patient.

What are Functional Movement Assessments?

Functional movement assessments are an evaluation of certain movement patterns that impact your overall function. When you’re not moving your body correctly, you may be putting unnecessary stress on your joints and putting yourself at risk for repetitive injuries, acute and chronic pain.

Dr. Notartomaso is highly skilled in assessing your movements as they relate to everyday life or your performance in certain activities, including work, home life, and recreation.

The goal of the functional movement assessment is to identify your aberrant movement patterns, compensatory muscle recruitment, and avoidance strategies of movement, to then make the necessary corrections to keep your body working well without increased risk for injury or breaking down.

If you have acute or chronic pain or need help recovering from an injury, schedule a consultation at Fix It Therapies LLC by phone or by using the online booking system today.