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Microvascular Health Screening

Meghan Notartomaso, DPT -  - Health and Wellness Specialist

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Meghan Notartomaso, DPT

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Glycocheck testing uses a microscopic camera to view vessels 200x smaller than a single strand of hair in order to show you the function of your capillary system.


The glycocalyx is the most important part of the cardiovascular system. The glycocalyx consists of small, dense hairs filled with a thick gel. This is the protective coating on the entire surface area of every single blood vessel in your body. Along with cell wall protection, the endothelial glycocalyx transfers nutrients from the blood to the tissues and also releases nitric oxide causing vasomotion, which gets the blood moving through the capillaries.


When damage happens to the endothelial glycocalyx, it leaves the single-cell vessel wall exposed, causing calcification and plaque. In addition to blockages in the vessels, damaged glycocalyx leads to tissue starvation and disease. 


Endocalyx is proven to restore, regenerate, and protect the microvascular system. Endocalyx was created by studying the blue zones of the world. Researchers discovered people living in these blue zones consumed local plant-based ingredients that enabled them to live over 100 years old. Endocalyx consists of a high concentration of the key ingredients in these plants to promote an accelerated growth of the endothelial glycocalyx; not achievable through diet alone. Within 24 hours of taking a single dose of Endocalyx, new glycocalyx hair growth occurs in these vessels. When new growth happens, capillaries turn back on and oxygen is able to get back into the densest tissues, including the pancreas, heart and kidneys. Along with overall blood flow increasing, the drains open and toxins are able to be pulled out of the body leading to an overall improvement in waste removal from the body. 


The Glycocheck technology and the Endocalyx Nutraceutical have been thoroughly researched and tested. Research has proven that damaged glycocalyx leads to hypertension, kidney failure, obesity, and more. Research has also proven that Endocalyx grows back the endothelial glycocalyx.