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Injury Prevention

Meghan Notartomaso, DPT -  - Health and Wellness Specialist

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Meghan Notartomaso, DPT

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Staying physically active through exercise and sports is a great way to keep healthy, but it also increases your risk for injuries. At Fix It Therapies LLC in Castle Rock, Colorado, experienced physical therapy specialist Meghan Notartomaso, DPT, offers comprehensive injury prevention services. Whether you need sport-specific exercise training, cross training, or strength-building, Dr. Notartomaso tailors your session to your needs. She also offers on-site functional movement screenings to identify risk factors for injury. To schedule an injury prevention consultation, call Fix It Therapies LLC or request an appointment online today.

Injury Prevention

What’s involved in injury prevention?

The customized care plan Dr. Notartomaso creates for you focuses on the many factors that contribute to your life and increase your risk of injury.

Initially, she evaluates your movements through a functional movement assessment. This helps Dr. Notartomaso identify improper movement patterns and behaviors that increase your risk for injuries.

Based on the results of your assessment, Dr. Notartomaso can recommend specific exercises that enhance your overall health and boost your performance in sports and other physical activities, without putting you at risk for related injuries like:

  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Muscle tears
  • Dislocations
  • Overuse injuries

Dr. Notartomaso customizes your training program to a specific sport, your job, or as part of a general injury prevention plan.

When should I consider an injury prevention program?

An injury prevention program is ideal if you plan on beginning a new sport and want to prepare your body and mind for the experience. You can also engage in an injury prevention program if you’re already active in sports and want to improve your existing skills and performance in the game.

If you have mobility difficulties that interfere with your range of motion or causes chronic pain, you may also benefit from an injury prevention program.

Dr. Notartomaso works closely with you to identify the factors that contribute to your pain and disability, and then she tailors a plan to boost your health while lowering risk factors for additional injuries.

When you have underlying health issues that affect your balance or coordination, injury prevention sessions give you the tools to reduce your risk for falls and other types of personal injuries.

What are the benefits of injury prevention programs?

Many athletes aren’t fully aware of their risk factors for injuries that relate to their chosen sport. Through functional movement assessments, Dr. Notartomaso can increase your awareness about patterns that negatively impact your performance and put your health at risk. Regardless of whether you work in a manual labor job, an injury can take a toll not only on your health but on your financial stability. Dr. Notartomaso works closely with you to improve your overall strength and any other physical skills you need for your job to reduce your risk factors for injury.

Through a training program that Dr. Notartomaso customizes just for you, it’s easier to focus on building on your strengths and lessening your weaknesses without increasing your risk for long-term health complications, like chronic pain or disability.

To find out more about the benefits of injury prevention services available at Fix It Therapies LLC, contact the office by phone or through the online booking system today.